Design Approach

We provide the assistance you desire when you want to work with a truly collaborative golf course architect. Golfplan works within budget and on time to achieve each client’s own unique goals. Golf course architecture requires expertise in multiple fields of study. By combining landscape architecture, land sculpting, art, agronomy, horticulture and ecology, we are well equipped to take any project from infancy through completion and beyond.

With more than four decades of experience Golfplan combines art and science with technically exacting construction drawings to work through every detail prior to ground breaking. This approach saves time and money, giving our projects an unmatched track record for success.

It is no coincidence; this approach has allowed us to work in over 75 countries on six continents. Our pioneering reputation reaches worldwide. 

Our objective

Our passion for golf paired with our passion for design fuels our objective, which is to create golf courses that stand the test of time:

  • Creating a memorable golf experience that is second to none by engaging both the golfer’s mind and body. By applying strategic design principles, we awaken the senses and engage the mind to think and plot through all 18 holes.
  • Providing long-term profitability and success for the owners by combining strategic design principles with functionality as it relates to drainage, irrigation, maintenance and operations of the golf course.
  • Respecting, collaborating, complimenting and in most cases, improving the surrounding natural environment by following the existing terrain and preserving the site’s distinctive natural features.


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