Spectacular New Golf Course Design

The Golfplan-Dale and Ramsey Golf Course Architecture team provides site-specific, unique, and creative new golf course design solutions. We use a highly comprehensive approach to our golf course planning and architectural services. Our working drawings are incredibly detailed, so the result is a more efficient project execution. By doing so, potential delays or cost overruns are avoided, and budgets are adhered to throughout the entire project. 

Your Unique Course

As golf course designers, we are committed to creating courses that reflect our various clients. Golfplan’s designs are specific to each environment and user market. Drawing from tradition and history, our courses fit naturally on to their surroundings and are intended to complement and accentuate the features already existing on site. Every setting is unique in some way, so too are each course we design. The following are integral parts of our design process: 

  • A Land-Use Golf Course Master Plan
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Economics
  • Efficiency
  • Long-Term Maintenance
  • Ecological and Environmental Compatibility 

We believe that the interrelationships, ambiance, and aesthetics of each element of the project are as important as the golf course itself. 

Considerate Design and Construction 

Our design and construction team follows a systemized process to provide you with a course that complements the features of the land that it is built on and the vision that you had in mind. For efficient golf course design construction, we conduct a site analysis of the property to study the existing conditions that could influence the design. Our primary objective is to use the natural setting of the site to harmonize a creative course design. In doing this, we take into consideration the different cultural and environmental conditions of each region and the requirements of our client to come up with a picturesque course. 





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Effective Planning Solutions

We build courses that all golf enthusiasts want to play on. Frequent use results in the gradual wear and tear of your property. A significant aspect of keeping your golf course looking pristine well after construction is having maintenance implemented on a regular basis. We have the golf course maintenance planning solutions to keep your property looking fresh from tee to green. We can assist you in devising a plan to preserve and maintain your course as a major club asset that will provide a superior golf experience to your members and guests. 

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