Accessibility For All

Promoting growth of the game requires a grass-roots approach. Creating golf facilities in emerging markets that make golf accessible to the masses is the best way to spark interest and encourage people young and old to take up a healthy activity that would otherwise have seemed out of reach or inaccessible to the population.

The development of Practice and Training Facilities, as well as Putting Courses and academy or short courses creates an opportunity for new players to learn the game in a welcoming environment that is affordable and not intimidating to the beginner and promotes golf as a fun activity.

In turn, this model encourages educational opportunities to learn rules and etiquette of the game to prepare new players for life lessons and a leisure activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Facilities to Promote Growth

  • Putting Courses
  • Short Courses
  • Golf Academies / Training Facilities
  • Driving Ranges