Vision, Creativity & Problem Solving

Design as a process

The realization of every project happens through implementing creative solutions to achieve the project objective. The process of designing a golf course requires careful thought and planning to foresee and account for any number of problems or factors that might become challenges facing the project outcome. As architects we are essentially problem solvers and by developing solutions or ideas prior to construction, the project will progress in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

The Design Process can be outlined by a series of steps:

  1. Identify the project goals and objectives.
  2. Identify the project constraints and challenges, including Legal, Financial and Environmental.
  3. Begin to develop plausible solutions by sketching various design possibilities.
  4. Selection of the best possible solutions that adhere to constraints and provide the best possible golf experience.
  5. Develop the best possible solution into a Preliminary Master Plan.
  6. Present to the client for review and comment. Client involvement and feedback is important to the further development of the Master Plan.
  7. The client and the Golfplan team discuss and brainstorm further ideas to improve that design and address client input, so it can morph into a final concept everyone can get excited about.
  8. The architects at Golfplan refine the design and develop a Final Master Plan to be developed into Construction Drawings to be used in implementing the design during construction. 

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