New Course Design

The Golfplan team’s approach to golf course architecture provides site-specific, unique and creative design solutions that blend art and science.

We use a highly comprehensive approach to golf course architecture and planning services in order to streamline the path to success. Our working drawings are incredibly detailed in specificity and scope so the result is a more efficient project execution process that minimizes potential delays and cost overruns. We seek to avoid such obstacles in order to adhere to budgets and timelines throughout the entire project.

Our experience in turfgrass agronomics allows us to select the appropriate flora and landscape configuration for each location. For example, we have learned that dormant seed bent greens and KB/Rye blend work perfectly for the climate of South Korea whereas these varieties may not work as well in other climates. These kinds of location-specific choices, not to mention other considerations such as providing enough seed-to-soil contact, may seem incidental but are actually very important when it comes to the long-term health, sustainability and ease of maintenance for any given course.

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Your Unique Course

As experts in golf course architecture, we are committed to creating courses that reflect the distinctiveness of each site and client.

Golfplan’s designs are specific to each individual environment and user market. Drawing from tradition and history, our courses fit naturally on to their surroundings and are intended to complement and accentuate the distinctive features already existing on site. Every setting is unique in some way, so too are each course we design.

Land use master planning, landscape architecture, construction economics and efficiency, long-term maintenance and appropriate ecological and environmental compatibility considerations are integral to our design process. The interrelationships, overall ambience and aesthetics of each element of the project are as important as the golf course itself.